Top 5 Fruits of Summer

Summer season is here!

Have you already plan for your vacation? Well, most of us would be traveling, go hiking, picnics or take a deep splash in the clear pool or sea waters. Summer sun will be hotter than ever so don't forget to replenish with a lot of cool drinks and of course, tropical fruits. Wherever you are spending your summer vacation, a glass of cold fruit juice or shake will be a very good refreshment as we enjoy the heat of the sun.

There are many fruits to choose from but here are the top 5 fruits of summer which will definitely give you a refreshing summer experience.  


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Off to the beach, you should not forget this watery fruit. The name surely will not mislead you. Just pick the ripe ones with red or yellow color and you're assured of the sweet magic of this top summer fruit. 


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You can eat this as is but it will be great if you make a melon juice out of it. What most people do is to scrape the pulp and mixed it with ice cold water and sugar. For best results, you should add milk. 


The king of tropical fruits! Whether you make a shake out of it or just cut it before eating, you can't get enough of its sweet and delicious taste.


From the 'tree of life', surely a glass of cold buko juice will bring forth a life full of energy and vigor, especially during summer.


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A very good dessert but much better if we first refrigerate it or simply make a cold shake out of it. The fruit has got a lot vitamins A, C, and E so worry a little about sun-bathing this summer.


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